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The Saudi Arabian Accounting and Auditing Organization (SAARAO) and the Saudi Arabian
Capital Market Authority (SCMA) have jointly agreed on a common set of International Financial
Reporting Standards (IFRS), applicable for listed companies in Saudi Arabia and will commence
implementation from 1 January 2018. The adoption of IFRS will apply to all listed companies
with the exception of those that are quoted on the Tadawul exchange. The shifting of IFRS will

allow for better comparability between the financial statements of companies listed in Saudi
Arabia and those listed on international exchanges.

There are many challenges in implementing IFRS, but what matters most is the impact on your
organization and your stakeholders. The key is to understand the specific needs of your
organization, and how IFRS will affect them. This can include anything from changing financial
reporting to meeting new requirements for regulatory compliance.
IFRS is a set of accounting standards that can impact all aspects of your business, from how
you report expenses to how you tie up loose ends in your books and records. There are many
factors that can influence the success of an IFRS implementation, including company culture,
resources available, and prior experience with similar processes.
IFRS can be difficult to implement without guidance from professionals who have experience
with the process. Companies that choose to implement IFRS often partner with a consultancy
firm that specializes in the process. A good consultancy firm will have years of experience in
IFRS implementations, as well as a team of highly qualified accountants and consultants who
can support your transition.

In the context of corporate finance, accounting firm and audit firm refer to the same type of
business: a professional company that provides accounting and auditing services to businesses
and individuals. The main difference between an accounting firm and an audit firm is that an
accounting firm only provides accounting services, while an audit firm also provides financial
consulting services.
An accounting firm and an audit firm both have extensive knowledge of financial reporting
standards, such as US GAAP and IFRS. They also have experience with tax law and project
management. An accounting firm can provide many types of services, such as bookkeeping and
tax preparation. An audit firm specializes in reviewing the financial statements of businesses, in
order to make sure they are accurate according to their industry’s standards.

Public accounting firm is a type of accounting firm that provides accounting and auditing
services to its clients which consists of either individuals or companies who are providing goods
or services to the public. These accounting firms are operated by professional accountants who
are authorized by law to sign off the financial statements on behalf of their clients.

A private accounting firm is one that provides its services to a specific individual or company. A
private accounting firm is different from a public accounting firm, which provides its services to
the general public.

A private accounting firm can help you with a wide variety of financial services, including tax
preparation, bookkeeping, and financial analysis. They can also help you plan for your future
financial needs, such as retirement planning or estate planning. A private accounting firm can
provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your finances are in good

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