The accountant and the financials on one screen

Mohabsy portal is as easy as your social media and as serious as your financials.


Mohasby integrates with your existing POSs and eCommerce systems.


Experienced accountants based on the business line.


Reports are ready for auditors, investors, and decision making.

3 Steps to recover from delays and bad practices

Delayed bookkeeping, non-compliance, bad software and the incomptent accountant.
We know the stories, all it takes is three steps to make them go away.

to bring your books up to date.


Fix the delays and bad practices in accounting.


Implement the best practices and bring the books up to date.


Setup the account and assign an accountant.

We are the accountants
You are the client
Nothing in between

Unlike subscribing to a cloud accounting software or typical outsourcing, you don’t have to do or know any accounting.

Our job is to comfort you and ensure that your work is completed to the fullest with a dedicated accountant for you.

Data Security and Ownership

Mohasby in Saudi Arabia implements the highest security measures, keeping your data safe in the cloud. Mohasby never shares your data with third parties or use them for any other purposes.

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