Manage incubators efficiently with Mohasby Sync

Mohasby Sync serves as one single source of truth for all of your incubated startups financials.
It syncs all financials to one dashboard that is customizable to monitor KPIs.

Integrated Reporting in Saudi Arabia

No unseen financials or performance

Compare your forecasts with the actuals, look into all expenses and revenues in real-time.
Apply ratios, consolidate with incubator’s financials and advise or take action on time.


Integrates with your incubator system through APIs.


One single source of truth for all data, no emails no excels.


Forecasts, actuals, ratios, payment and repayment reports.

We managed over 200 SMEs sponsored by Monshaat

Managed by Mohasby Sync, Over 200 F&B, service providers, retailers and e-commerce businesse.

Synced with Monshaat reporting platform, The Sponsors BI provided real-time reports with no need for site visit or spot audits.

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